photo © Christophe Alary

Sébastien Boisseau : double bass
Matthieu Donarier : saxophones, clarinets

Since we met in 2000, about 20 albums recorded together with a bunch of projects: 10 years on stage with Daniel Humair, Gábor Gadó, Alban Darche's Le Gros Cube, Unit's  and Yolk's European adventures : undoubtly, all these activities create bonds. Bonds, sense, history, which give to our collaboration strength and connections resulting from hundreds of concerts together. WOOD's music is about intuition and interaction, and leans on this constant focus : blurring the frontiers between improvisation and composition.

::: 1st Album released on Yolkrecords , may 2013 :::

Video :
Wood en concert à Radio France le 21.01.12


photo © Monique Besten

Matthieu Donarier : saxophones
Albert van Veenendaal: piano, prepared piano & toys

::: + Guest : Michael Vatcher, drums :::

Albert van Veenendaal is barely unknown in France, except from a few musicians. I am honored of this new collaboration with an exceptional musician who describes himself as deeply european, who tirelessly thinks and rethinks his musical language, throwing off all clichés, and plays with sound with total freedom.

Our first album , "The Visible Ones", is released on Cleanfeed Records (april 2014)
Check out some excerpts here :

photo © Christophe Alary

Matthieu Donarier : saxophones & compositions
Manu Codjia : electric guitar
Joe Quitzke : drums

Created in 1999, this trio celebrates its fifteen years of existence. Personal compositions go along with revisited songs and pieces by european composers from past centuries. Long story.

Booking : Fany Thyus and Simon Barreau /

Albums :
PAPIER JUNGLE (2015) Yolk Records - **** JazzMagazine/Jazzman
LIVE FORMS (2009) Yolk Records - Choc de l'année 2009 - Jazzmagazine/jazzman
OPTICTOPIC (2004) Yolk Records - Choc du Monde de la Musique 2004 - *** Jazzman

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photo © Annabelle Tiaffay

Poline Renou : voice
Matthieu Donarier : clarinets, compositions

Kindergarten is the result of the encounter with Poline Renou.
Together we decided to build a fragile and polymorphic musical universe, mixing written and improvised poetry, original compositions, where early and contemporary musics merge with improvised pieces and a dash of electronics.
Micro-broadcasts, acoustic concerts in the audience and respect for silence are among the mainstays of this chamber music duet.

Album: KINDERGARTEN (Yolk Records, 2008)
Disque d'Emoi JazzMagazine, *** Jazzman

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Listen to Kindergarten on soundcloud
Booking :



photo © Guy Delacroix-Herpin

Santiago Quintans : guitar, compositions
Matthieu Donarier
: saxophones, clarinet, compositions.

Santiago Quintans and Matthieu Donarier decide to create FOG DOG in 2013 as a «work in progress» in order to explore new soundcrafts and develop them beyond the usual limits with a strong aesthetic direction.

Conceived as a "musical research workshop", the two musicians step from the common language they have developed together in the past years and create a "unquiet" music, where gleaming counterpoints create unexpected forms and organic harmonies in constant mutation.


photo ©

Alexandra Grimal :  tenor & soprano saxophones
Karsten Hochapfel : cello & guitars
Matthieu Donarier : tenor saxophone, clarinet, compositions

The LAB is one of the works in progress initiated in 2015.
Three improvisers diving into counterpoint. Written or not.
LAByrinth ?
LABoratory ?
LABelle vie ?


photo © Rémi Angeli

Poline Renou : voice
Matthieu Donarier : clarinets
Sylvain Lemêtre : percussions

Création 2015 : La Fonderie, Le Mans / Le Petit Faucheux, Tours.

This new creation turns our duet Kindergarten into a trio, inviting Sylvain Lemêtre, major french percussionnist considering his numerous collaborations (Marc Ducret, Garth Knox, le Quatuor Bela, Jean-François Vrod, Albert Marcoeur, Surnatural Orchestra).

« Adieu mes très belles » is a voyage through early european musics, starting from the very first notated medieval monodies (Cyprus and Oxford manuscripts) up to polyphonic musics of the late Renaissance (Solage, Matteo da Perugia, Gilles Binchois, Vicente Lusitano, Claude Lejeune, Michelangelo Rossi). Some pieces are played directly on the original text while others are renewed in total freedom. Ancient ? Actual ?

photo ©


Sébastien Vassant : live drawings.
Matthieu Donarier : saxophones, clarinets, keyboard, compositions.

Creation : november 2016
Speechless adaption of William Shakespeare's "Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Danemark" transposed into pictures and music.

How to tell Hamlet, this universal story which everyone seems to know and very few have read, without using Shakspeare's text, using pencils, ink, brushes, colours, and music instruments ? Here is the goal we chose.